Jolly British was founded in 2008 by Emma Horn, with a vision to supply organisations with effective business support to help them grow and prosper. The company has gone from strength to strength purely through client referral and word of mouth.

The uniqueness of Jolly British is our team - highly knowledgeable individuals, each with a strong skill set, who all share a willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ and are passionate about helping others succeed and businesses flourish.

Strength:  Strong business acumen in development and growth... and tireless enthusiasm! 

Weakness: Coffee, Whiskey and Champers


Emma Horn

Emma worked in the business development and training events sector for several years.  Emma gained her immense passion and inspiration for business support from seeing the positive difference that effective business support and knowledge transfer can make to the development and growth of a business.  This was the trigger for the start of Jolly British Business Support.

Emma’s acute ability to understand the needs and required infrastructure of growing a business enables the team at Jolly British to provide seamless support for each client effectively and efficiently.

On a day to day basis Emma ensures that all clients businesses and projects are on schedule, working with her team to help deliver all business tasks, projects, training events and financial control.

When not managing the day to day running of a client’s business or developing a new project or event, Emma enjoys riding her horse, investigating new business ideas, exploring the world and spending time with her friends and family.


Picture of JenFaulks

Strength: Interpersonal skills and customer care

Weakness: Chocolate biscuits
(We have never eaten so many biscuits until Jen joined the team!)

Jennifer Faulks

Jenny Faulks brings several years of experience from within the customer care sector to the Jolly British skill base.  

Jenny’s strong interpersonal skills and communication ensure that our customer care requirements are met for a number of our customer focused organisations.   Jenny is the professional and friendly interface between many of our client organisations and their members / customers. 

On a daily basis Jenny also ensures the effective delivery of routine business tasks and training programme registrations. 

When not working to support Jolly British client’s requirements, Jenny loves shooting, playing netball, riding her horse and spending time with her partner and son James.

Picture of Allison Whitelaw

Strength: Attention to detail and ability to perform under pressure

Weakness: Chocolate and biscuits!


Allison Whitelaw

Allison Whitelaw joined Jolly British in early 2014 and brings with her a wealth of business experience including office management and the execution of core-support business functions as a former Business Economics and Marketing graduate.

Allison ensures the effective delivery of routine business tasks and the coordination of projects for a number of our clients.  

When not supporting Jolly British clients, Allison can often be found at the side of a rugby pitch cheering on her two boys or spending time in the countryside with her family and springer ‘Kai’.